what's the largest geo sat ever built

From: Jens Wehrmann (wehrmann_j@gmx.de)
Date: Tue Jul 05 2005 - 14:25:20 EDT

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    Are you refering to size or mass, telecommunication or all sats?
    1. All sats:
    1.1 Size: the Titan Centaur launched NRO payloads 94-054, 95-022, 96-026,
    98-029, 03-041, if they really have this 100m+ antenna :)
    1.2 Mass: same as above or the Titan Centaur launched Milstars (only the NRO
    2. Telecom sats:
    2.1 Size: Milstar (it's a military telecomm sat), but there have been some
    recent launches of commercial sats with quite large solar arrays and
    antennas (e.g. Thuraya ...)
    2.2 Mass: Milstar
    All the recent very heavy sats (05-009, 05-015) were placed into GTO, after
    firing their own engine they all have a GEO BOL mass below Milstars ~10.000
    pounds (~4.500 kg)
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