Re: Help ID slow flasher

From: skywise (
Date: Mon Jul 04 2005 - 18:57:52 EDT

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    Fco. Javier Iruretagoyena wrote:
    > Brian, It would very interesting if give us the motion that the satellite
    > had.
    It was moving slowly from west to east. I used mostly RA to follow the
    sat and very litle DEC. From this I got the impression last night that
    I might have stumbled upon a geo in a graveyard orbit. I hadn't bothered
    to precisely polar align so that could explain any declination motion.
    > By your description I havefound two mean candidates:
    > Atlas centaur R/B (Norad: 03598)
    > CZ-4 DEB (Norad: 26454)
    Neither of which are in my TLE's.
    I went to Heavens Above and 3598 is described as "OAO 2 Rocket"
    with a 682 x 754 km orbit. Too low for what I was following.
    I only had to move the scope 3 or 4 times in the course of 15
    minutes to track this thing.
    Same problem with 26454, 687x811 km orbit.
    A very rough guess is the sat moved 15-20 degrees in 15 minutes.
    It definately moved relative to the stars and relative to Earth's
    > Saludos,
    > Javi 
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