Re: HST double flare over Houston

From: Robert Reeves (
Date: Sun Jul 03 2005 - 00:28:36 EDT

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    > Greetings all,
    > I just watched the HST as it passed over Houston, and was treated to an
    > unexpected double flare!   At approx. 21:34:00, it flared to about -2,
    > then at 21:35:30, it flared again to about -4, the brightest I've ever
    > witnessed it ... quite a sight, indeed.  I guess the solar panels were
    > aligned just right for my vantage point.
    > - Bill Purcell.
    > 30.012N 95.585W (Northwest Houston)
    Saw the same thing in San Antonio several minutes later and just after a
    twin flare by two parallel Iridums.  Good night to satellites!
    Robert Reeves                 +29.484   98.440       San Antonio, Texas
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