iss is missing the progress

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sat Jul 31 2004 - 01:31:43 EDT

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    On Friday July 30, at 0605 UT the progress docked to the Zvezda Service Module, was undocked.
    It was commanded to do a burnm to begin it's sucide plunge at 1037 UT. And got toasted starting at
    1112 UT. They say the got the re-entry on video, using the iss exterior cameras. 
    So there's no progress docked to the iss. So I don't expect a boost of the station's orbit, as the
    progress is gone. That's unless they decide to use Zarya Control Module, as it could do that.
    I am not aware of them using the Zarya Control Module to do a orbit change.
    The next progress is going up on Aug 11, and docks to the iss on Aug 15. 
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