Re: Object near Jupiter

From: George Roberts (
Date: Sat Jul 24 2004 - 13:10:56 EDT

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    > To be so bright, would require that they be unrealistically
    > large to be satellites.
    I disagree.  Geostationary satellites are farther away than 4000 km
    and my understanding is that they can get brighter than mag 6 if they flare.
    Based on the moon positions, the time was between 4:20UT and 5:20UT
    for sure.  probably within 15 minutes of 4:50UT.  Can someone do
    a search?
    These objects are moving too fast to be balloons, airplanes, or blimps which
    move very roughly their own diameter in maybe 1/4 second on the fast end.
    And they can't be birds because they would have to be 500km up to be
    sunlit.  I think satellites is probably the most likely.  Did someone do a search?
    It should also be noted that the moon is about 8 degrees away - but how
    that could cause moving lights escapes me.  The moon is above and to the left.
    Much higher than the direction the mystery objects travel from.
    Also the video is tilted from the horizon by about 30 degrees CW so that the
    objects that appear to move down and to the right are actually moving up
    and to the right relative to the horizon.
    Is this video real time?  Could this video have been sped up?
    - George Roberts
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