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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sat Jul 24 2004 - 03:00:57 EDT

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    Hi All
    Noted with interest the comments re objects near Jupiter.I have yet to 
    the video so havent seen what was seen in real time so reserve any comments
    till later.
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    > Whatever they are, the objects are not satellites. Does anyone know of any 
    > kind
    > of electrical interference that could manifest itself similar to the 
    > objects on
    > Thomas's video?
    > At least when I use my low light video camera, I notice two bright star 
    > like objects on the
    > screen, which is noise generated by the camera. I call them fake stars
    I would not label your two bright star like objects as "noise" generated by 
    the camera.
    These are in fact DEAD pixels and will always be there - sometimes you can 
    them or make them less obvious by dropping the voltage to your camera - I 
    run mine at
    about 9.6v instead of the recommended 12v. You will also notice that if you 
    the voltage you will probably find a few more. The BAD news is that the 
    number of
    dead pixels will increase over the course of time .
    Cheers from a rainy Cape Town
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