RE: Object near Jupiter

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 22:46:13 EDT

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    I have placed Thomas Dorman's still and video imagery on, and I have
    appended his description, with the URLs added.
    Ted Molczan
    Here are a still and videos of the objects near
    Jupiter.The still is a stacked image showing the path
    of the objects and to bring out the Moons of
    Jupiter.You will notice that the path of the objects
    on the still image are not perfectly straight.This was
    caused by the tracking in the stacking program. 
    The first video Strange objects is the raw capurted
    The second video strange pbjects 5a is a highly
    processed video to bright out the Moons of Jupiter and
    to show the objects better:
    Thanks for your help and time.
    Thomas Dorman
    Horizon City Texas
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