Re: ISS Daytime Lunar Transit Visible?

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 21:22:18 EDT

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    Subject: Re: ISS Daytime Lunar Transit Visible?
    > It seems to me that the ISS should be visible thru a telescope before it's
    quite dark- the trick is in knowing when & where to look. So, for example,
    if you know a sunlit lunar transit will occur around sunset, the ISS should
    be visible except when it crosses the lighted side of the moon; and maybe
    even then, but as you say, the contrast would be low.
    This daylight lunar transit idea is my, "thought experiment" for the day.
    I failed to consider the geometry of the situation. :~0  E.g., the "less
    full" the moon is, the less the sunlit side of the ISS will be toward an
    earthly observer. So, to see a sunlit ISS transit across the sunlit part of
    the moon, the closer the moon is to being full, the better the chances of
    seeing it, I think. (?) At least the contrast between the two objects should
    be better. That however limits the time that it will be up in daylight
    conditions, since the fuller the moon, the less long it's up during the day.
    As I imagine it, the station should never appear as a dark dot during any
    daylight lunar transit. Am I correct?
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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