Object near Jupiter

From: Thomas Dorman (drygulch_99@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 19:58:59 EDT

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    I was wondering if any member of the list could help
    I.D. three object that I recorded on video passing
    very close to Jupiter on the night of May 28,2004 (May
    27 Local).I had set up a new goto Telescope and video
    camera that night to work out some bugs and turn my
    telescope to Jupiter.I had not checked the tape until
    yesterday when I noticed three objects passing through
    the field.The problem is I do not have a time for the
    event.By noting the positions of Jupiter moons I
    figure the event took place sometime between 4hoursUT
    to 6hoursUT.My first guess was the NOSS satellite
    group but the alignment of the object as they passed
    one at a time through the field of view does not look
    right for NOSS pass.I made two avi.movies of the
    event, but have no where to post them where they could
    be viewed.The avi. file are about 2MB.My position is
    Any help would be appreciated. 
    Thomas Dorman
    Horizon City Texas
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