RE: ISS revisited...March 30 2003 2006gmt

From: Bob Christy (
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 17:05:56 EDT

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    It's a Soyuz or Progress service module but I wouldn't like to say which
    one - there's Progress M-49 at the rear axial port of Zarya and Soyuz TMA-4
    at the Zarya nadir port. I favour it being the latter.
    Bob Christy
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    Subject: ISS revisited...March 30 2003 2006gmt
    Hi all...
    I'm looking for a bit of help concerning a series of images captured March
    The pics have been on my website for some time , however today I decided to
    have another look at the frames as they seemed to show an "object"  near the
    starboard truss radiator...........
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