TiPS with 8x42; TDF 2 for 20 minutes

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Thu Jul 15 2004 - 07:10:57 EDT

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    Mike had predictions for TiPS (96-029F, 23937) on a very favorable
    pass.  I was able to see quite a few end-mass flashes with my 8x42,
    some at least as bright as +5.  Some of the time both of the end
    masses may have been bright enough to see together with 8x42.  On
    to the NNE, I got to see it with the 200mm (8-inch) scope -- very
    TDF 2 (90-063A, 20705) was visible with my 8x42 most of the time 
    from about 4:59:24 until 5:19:10 July 15 UTC.  I had looked for it 
    without seeing it at about 4:51 UTC.  It had some sort of phase 
    shift, in that it went invisible for two or three minutes.  (Mike 
    could see it down at +10 or so with his telescope.)  Then it 
    brightened again, plus during the second bright portion, it did a 
    short series of bright double flashes, with just .20 to .25 second 
    separating them.  The brightest flashes were at least +4.0.  Its
    episodes are something like 20 minutes later from night to night.
    Iridium 11 "?" and Iridium 4 flared in parallel, with both about
    a magnitude fainter than predicted.
    I could not find the NOSS 2-1 triplets -- perplexing.  The sky
    was very nice; the Milky Way was faintly visible.  I saw the NOSS 
    2-3 triplets on both early and late passes.  NOSS 3-2 (03-054A and 
    C, 28095 and 28097) were visible without binoculars, though they 
    weren't very bright.
    BCRC: 30.315N, 97.866W, 280m.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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