GP-B steady this AM

From: Eric Briggs (
Date: Sun Jul 11 2004 - 12:41:31 EDT

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    Site:  79d 22' 04" W, 43d 42' 19"
    Celestron Nexstar 8 GPS
    NexRemote laptop interface
    SatelliteTracker v2.3.8d
    Celestron .63 reducer
    Adirondack StellaCam EX
    I observed Gravity Probe B from 08:27:14UT to 08:34:10UT and observed no
    unusual brightness variations.  Appeared to be about magnitude 3.5 at
    closest.  An e-mail from Kevin Fetter suggested this might be an interesting
    one to check out, and after all GP-B is one of the more noteworthy recent
    launches, whether it flares or not.  Also one flyover is not enough to prove
    it doesn't flare.  Astrometry was right on the money.  Temptation presented
    itself in the form of a very nice ISS flyover.
    1 28230U 04014A   04192.37868953  .00000320  00000-0  44788-4 0   675
    2 28230  90.0033 163.2101 0001615  36.5608 323.5733 14.75617721 11893
    Conditions: Transparency 2/5, Seeing 2/5, under a light-polluted predawn sky
    (Sun -11.6d altitude)
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