Satelite Ident.

From: Kevin Z Grey (
Date: Sat Jul 10 2004 - 15:01:54 EDT

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    	I'm still a newbie here, could someone identify a satellite I
    saw last night?
            Roughly travelling North West making a line from Arcturus to
    Alkaid (eta Ursae Majoris).  It was red in color and dimmed slowly as it
    travelled north.  The time was 11:38 PM Eastern Time, location: New York
    City (more specifically, Jersey City: 40deg 43' 47"N, 74deg 4' 11" W).
    Visual magnitude was perhaps a 1 or 2 at brightest when I saw it (hard
    for me to guestimate because it was very red).
            Thanks in advance!
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