AURA launch

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Thu Jul 08 2004 - 06:34:15 EDT

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    AURA is due to be launched from Vandenberg on July 11 between 10:01:57 and
    10:04:57 UTC. Launch vehicle is a Delta 2 rocket.  (Note: some sources give
    July 10 launch but it seems that is has been postponed for a day "for
    records check."  Source- Spaceflight Now.)  NASA-TV is showing it scheduled
    for 11 July.
    Its orbit is described as "438 mi (705 km) polar, sun-synchronous, 1:45 PM
    ascending node" and "near polar, sun-synchronous orbit with a period of
    approximately 100 minutes."
    Presumably from this information it should be possible to calculate launch
    track and provisional TLEs?  (I cannot find a launch track on any of the
    relevant websites.)
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
    174.947E  (in the grip of winter- clear skies at night at last but misty and
    frosty in the mornings!)
    UTC plus 12
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