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Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 12:22:09 EDT

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    Art Glick posted:
    >Then I noticed that Ed was referring to
    >an 'E' object, and thanks to his excellent reporting I was able to check
    >this on H-A, which identifies Ed's 'E' object instead as "Titan 45K-4 Stage
    >2".  I presume this to be part of a launch vehicle.
    Or else it is a mistake on the part of H-A.
    The current Satellite Situation Report says:
    USA 122 1996-029D       23862   US       NO ELEMENTS AVAILABLE
    USA 119 1996-029A       23893   US       NO ELEMENTS AVAILABLE
    USA 120 1996-029B       23907   US       NO ELEMENTS AVAILABLE
    USA 121 1996-029C       23908   US       NO ELEMENTS AVAILABLE
    USA 123 1996-029E       23936   US       NO ELEMENTS AVAILABLE
    USA 124 1996-029F       23937   US       NO ELEMENTS AVAILABLE
    So there are 6 payloads and Spacecom does not give us any information
    about whether we are using the correct numbers and designations for
    the 4 objects and one pair? of objects that we are tracking.  :-)
    Note that the lowest number is D.  So my guess is the D is the
    dispenser, A, B, C are the triangle, and E and F are TiPS.
    It is possible that 1996 SSRs did have other names for these objects.
    >By the way, the trailing object (rocket?) was just barely visible without
    >magnification, but I could not see the other two without binos.
    It is not unusual for one or two of the objects to be brighter than the others.
    >I recall there being a bit of mystery regarding the fate of the 'B'
    >object.  I remember reading many discussions regarding that on this list
    >around the time that subsequent NOSS's were launched.
    I do not think that the SeeSat-L archives match your memory.  :-)
    In spite of the SSR, we tracked the Centaur rocket as the B object until
    it decayed in 1999.  On the other hand, the A object "disappeared".
    So if you remember a mystery, it should have been the A object.
    Mike McCants
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