Re: NOSS 2-1 "Triangle"

From: Art Glick (
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 10:04:02 EDT

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    Howdy to all you listers from an erstwhile observer...
    I want to especially thank Ed Cannon for his description of seeing the NOSS 
    2-1 "triangle".  At first it was a mystery to me.
    These triangles are my favorite observation, but I recall that the 'B' 
    object of this set had been lost.  Then I noticed that Ed was referring to 
    an 'E' object, and thanks to his excellent reporting I was able to check 
    this on H-A, which identifies Ed's 'E' object instead as "Titan 45K-4 Stage 
    2".  I presume this to be part of a launch vehicle.
    I was able to see a pass of these last night, and it's really got me wondering.
    By the way, the trailing object (rocket?) was just barely visible without 
    magnification, but I could not see the other two without binos.
    I recall there being a bit of mystery regarding the fate of the 'B' 
    object.  I remember reading many discussions regarding that on this list 
    around the time that subsequent NOSS's were launched.
    How is it that there's a rocket sitting where the 'B' object of this 
    triangle should be?  Don't these sats require occasional adjustments to 
    their orbits to maintain spacing and their function?  Why would they (or 
    could they) maintain station keeping on a rocket?
    Please pardon my ignorance in this matter.  I'm just a part time amateur 
    with respect to observing, and I'd like to see any information you 
    "professional" boys might be able to provide on the history of these objects.
    Thanks again, Ed, for pointing out that there were three, rather than two 
    objects to view!
    Best Regards and Clear Skies to all,
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