Some non-positional obs

From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Sun Jul 04 2004 - 12:01:26 EDT

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    Hi all,
    Lucille and I were warming ourselves around a fire at home and we decided to 
    watch for satellites at the same time. I took my laptop with me and used it to 
    identify what we saw. All began with a spectacular flash from Iridium 69. We 
    were waiting for a flare from Iri 76 at 02:05 UTC (July 4) and saw this flash on 
    about the same track but farther north. It was so bright, at least mag -9, that 
    it illuminated the grass around us, a bit like the Moon.
    Here is what we saw with name, cat. no, time of obs in UTC July 4 and magnitude 
    at that time :
    Iridium 69    25319 02:04 flash m-9 or -10
    Iridium 76    25432 02:05 flare m-4
    Radcat        06212 03:15 m3.5
    Cosmos 1980 r 19650 03:26 m3.0
    Cosmos 1190 r 11870 03:32 m4.0
    Tansuo 1 LM2r 28222 03:46 m2.0 max. Nice flasher
    Meteor 1-28 r 10114 04:04 m3.5 just before shadow entry
    Cosmos 2405   28350 04:09 m2.3
    Daniel Deak
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