Looking for a reentry candidate

From: Matson, Robert (ROBERT.D.MATSON@saic.com)
Date: Fri Jul 02 2004 - 13:40:55 EDT

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    Hi All,
    Haven't posted in a while -- these days most of my "hobby" work
    is spent on asteroids, comets and chasing down meteors/meteorites.
    However, in the latter category, there is occasional crossover
    to satellite tracking.  Case in point is Wayne Watson's recent
    all-sky camera observation of what was initially assumed to be
    a slow-moving meteor at ~23:30 PDT on 6/26/2004 (6/27 6:30 UT).
    Fortunately, a second all-sky camera recorded this event
    from a spot 55 km away from Wayne's location, allowing for
    The solution I computed rules out a meteor because the velocity
    is too low (<11 km/sec), but the velocity is perfect for a piece
    of reentering orbital debris.  What I'm looking for is a match
    to the following location and track direction:
    6/27/2004 6:30 UT
    ~39.2 N, 120.7 W  heading toward azimuth ~135 degrees (due
    The time may be off a few minutes (current best guess is more
    like 6:28:30).
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