RE: 2.2' of arc discrepancy between CalSKY and SkyMap ISS tracks

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 18:19:29 EDT

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    Thomas Fly responding to an apparently private message from Mike McCants:
    > > It seems to me that you are straying pretty far from the 
    > > list topic - visual observation of satellites.
    > I have 1200+ subscribers worldwide that would disagree- at 
    > least if they all appreciated the "considerable knowledge of 
    > what's under the hood," and CalSKY likely has many more 
    > visitors who are interested in the accuracy of the "bottom line(s)."
    1. I consider this thread on topic; I may even contribute to it myself.
    2. Discussions of what is on-topic are off-topic on SeeSat-L, but on-topic on
    UseSat-L, which exists for that purpose. Anyone may subscribe by sending a
    message with the word subscribe as the subject, addressed to 
    3. I consider it bad form to respond publicly to a private message, especially
    where a disagreement is involved.
    4. Any follow-ups to this post should be addressed to me, not the list.
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