Re: 2.2' of arc discrepancy between CalSKY and SkyMap ISS tracks

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 12:13:33 EDT

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    If I was to be picky, it's would be time to use ITRF 2000. It the standard now for measuring
    loctions on the earth, and for scientific applications such as tracking stations for planetary
    spacecraft, and stuff in earth orbit.
    Fron what I understand WGS84 has been modified over the years, and the result is that it's good to
    a few cm, with respect to the ITRF (The International Terrestrial Reference Frame ) . 
    But then positional errors in the sun, moon, iss and other things will prevent you from saying
    this centre line is accurate to so many meters. That's my ilogical way of looking at it.
    I think this might be off topic, so I won't post anything else, as I should try not to get the
    moderator upset. 
    Now I hope it will be clear next weekend, so I can watch EGP pass across the moon at after 2:52 am
    EDT on July 11:) I been waiting at least 6 months for the show. Kind of neat, to make an totally
    unscientific advanced prediction, and then see it will happen:)
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