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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sat Jul 26 2003 - 23:51:14 EDT

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    Using this as a location
    New Caney Texas = 30.1550N, 95.2110W
    Time = CST  ( UT-5 )
    I get no irdiums even close to where he saw those bright flashes, even after allowing for time
    errors. So something else was causing them from what I can tell.
    He message is a little confusing
    In the SERPENS CAUDA constellation between SABIK and M14 with the naked eye
    three bright flashes brighter, then near ALTAIR two bursts with visible
    mag -8 to -10,  outshining ALTAIR and VEGA, then a quick fading of mag to
    loss of naked eye sight.
    Within 1 minute, my wife and I had located it on my charts and we then
    watched for another hour with naked eye and binoculars.
    Did he mean, he first saw three bright flashes coming from an area between the star SABIK and M14,
    then he saw two mag -8 to -10 flashes near ALTAIR. 
    If he saw three bright flashes from an area between sabik and m13, then it might have been from a
    flashing geo satellite.
    As for the bright -8 to - 10 flashes near altair.
    There is molynia 2-17 in the area, molyina's are known to flash, but that bright? 
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