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From: George Roberts (
Date: Sat Jul 26 2003 - 11:06:39 EDT

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    Can you straighten out a few details?  What was the time in UT?  Is
    he GMT-5?  Was it 2:37 am 7/23/2003 UT?
    > Lat. 30.32 N; Long. 98.64W
    How accurate is the above lat and lon for his location or is your location
    very different from his.  If this object had no apparent motion, it might not
    matter much because that implies it was very far.
    What was the apparent speed?  If no motion was observed can he
    give an upper estimate?  e.g. "it certainly moved less than 5 degrees
    and the whole event was 5 seconds so definitely slower than 1 deg per second"
    Could it be 2 satellites?  Was the object clearly moving towards the second location?
    How much time between events?  It is common for 2 different satellites to flash near each other.
    This really sounds like a satellite (or two).  Possibly an iridium which often have 2 flares 10
    seconds apart, but the triple flash and the double aren't that common.
    - George Roberts
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    Subject: Help please.
    >   Can anyone help Leroy?  If you will send the answer to me, I will forward
    > it to him.  (I apologize if I have not formatted this properly.)
    > sue wheatley
    > Lat. 30.32 N; Long. 98.64W
    > Montgomery, TX
    > From: Leroy Dupuy
    >    9:37pm on the July 22nd
    > In the SERPENS CAUDA constellation between SABIK and M14 with the naked eye
    > three bright flashes brighter, then near ALTAIR two bursts with visible
    > mag -8 to -10,  outshining ALTAIR and VEGA, then a quick fading of mag to
    > loss of naked eye sight.
    > Within 1 minute, my wife and I had located it on my charts and we then
    > watched for another hour with naked eye and binoculars.
    > So what do you think? I have been enjoying the night sky for 40 years.  I
    > have not seen anything like it before and if it was a satellite, that won't
    > change the downright joy of the moment.
    > thank you
    > Leroy Dupuy
    > New Caney, Texas
    > U.S.A.
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