Help please.

From: Sue Wheatley (
Date: Sat Jul 26 2003 - 10:07:31 EDT

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      Can anyone help Leroy?  If you will send the answer to me, I will forward
    it to him.  (I apologize if I have not formatted this properly.)
    sue wheatley
    Lat. 30.32 N; Long. 98.64W
    Montgomery, TX
    From: Leroy Dupuy
       9:37pm on the July 22nd
    In the SERPENS CAUDA constellation between SABIK and M14 with the naked eye
    three bright flashes brighter, then near ALTAIR two bursts with visible
    mag -8 to -10,  outshining ALTAIR and VEGA, then a quick fading of mag to
    loss of naked eye sight.
    Within 1 minute, my wife and I had located it on my charts and we then
    watched for another hour with naked eye and binoculars.
    So what do you think? I have been enjoying the night sky for 40 years.  I
    have not seen anything like it before and if it was a satellite, that won't
    change the downright joy of the moment.
    thank you
    Leroy Dupuy
    New Caney, Texas
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