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Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 13:09:13 EDT

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    Hi all
    I fully agree with Rob. As a President of India's oldest (Estd. 1944)
    amateur astronomers's association "Jyotirvidya Parisanstha", I used H-A
    regularly to show various satellites in our regular star parties, which are
    open to any astronomy lovers, and to educate the people about satellites.
    For more serious observations, alongwith H-A, I use other softwares like
    Three Cheers to Chris.
    Suhas Gurjar
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    > Hi Art and List,
    > I thought I'd say a few words in defense of Chris Peat and his
    > Heavens Above service.  H-A has probably done more to introduce
    > new people to our little hobby of satellite observing than any
    > software program that preceded it.  He has put together a system
    > whereby someone who has little or no astronomical experience (or
    > patience for learning to install and run satellite propagation
    > software) can successfully observe a satellite the very first
    > clear night that they try.  So H-A was specifically designed
    > with beginners in mind, and in this area it performs exceptionally
    > well.
    > Most people are perfectly content with H-A's capabilities and
    > simplicity of operation, but there are a few people like Art who
    > become intrigued enough by the hobby that they want to "push the
    > envelope" a bit and attempt more difficult objects, achieve higher
    > positional and/or photometric accuracies, or try more unusual
    > types of observations (conjunctions, transits, shadow-entry/exit
    > timings, identification of unknowns, flashing GEO sat timings, etc.)
    > For such people, I strongly encourage them to do as Art has done
    > and download one or more of the powerful freeware and shareware
    > tools that are available for general-purpose satellite propagation.
    > Since you mentioned that you're an old "DOS-head", Art, you might
    > enjoy playing around with my SkyMap satellite software.  The program
    > has a lot of features, so there is a learning curve to overcome, but
    > if you are comfortable with text editors and making minor changes
    > to CONFIG.SYS (adding the ANSI.SYS device driver), you should have
    > minimal difficulties.
    > I'll let this message also serve as an announcement to all that I've
    > posted SkyMap version 6.6 to my webspace for anyone who wants to
    > download it.  I had originally hoped to add a few more features
    > before this release, but I don't expect to have any significant
    > time to work on it over the next few months, so now's as good
    > a time as any to freeze a version.
    > There have been a number of changes since version 6.5, so read
    > through the first page or two of SKY66.NEW to see what's been
    > fixed/added.  The ZIP files to download are:
    > I've also updated the epoch of the asteroid orbital elements,
    > which is zipped separately for those who want the latest:
    > New users will also want to download the Hipparcos star files:
    > Stars of magnitude +8.5 or brighter:
    > and stars dimmer than magnitude +8.5:
    > Any current users who would like their registered executables
    > updated, please contact me and I'll be happy to send you a
    > replacement.
    > Best wishes,
    > Rob
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