Re: Heavens above

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Jul 21 2003 - 22:50:54 EDT

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    I have over the years made a bunch of short-cuts to various special
    satellites that I located in the H-A software.  I click on those when I want
    a quick update about whether to bother to watch for a pass.  As of the last
    few days when I click on my short-cuts I get the, "this page cannot be
    displayed" message.
    Anybody have any idea if this is a fault of my computer or are my many
    shortcuts to that part of H-A nonfunctional now? I can still get to the
    information the long way around.  I do however seem to have some trouble
    with short-cuts in general from time to time although currently I can get to
    the main H-A site via my short-cut.
    Thanks for the help.
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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