Heavens above

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Jul 21 2003 - 22:33:47 EDT

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    I agree with rob on his comments about heavens above.
    While I started observing satellites before I knew there was a site on heavens above, it a good
    place for people to go to. Alot of people might want to know when the iss will pass by, are when
    to see a naked eye satellite. That's where heavens above comes in.
    For me I use guide 8 for satellite tracking. 
    I might use rob's skymap when out at the lake, where my laptop can't run guide.
    While mike mccants has some nice programs, I like the graphical view guide 8 and rob's skymap
    give. It's easier to find satellite's when you can see the stars they will pass by, and so I can
    star hop. I don't have a equatorial mounted telescope, so R.A and Dec mean nothing to me. And the
    output of Altitude and Azimuth are again useless to me. I can't look at the sky and say that
    's 20 degree altitude by looking. I find the bright star I need and star hop to the right spot. I
    have attached a low light video camera to the top of my scope. It lets me see down to around mag
    8.5, and gives at least a 3 degree feild of view. I can star hop way more easily that way, then
    looking through the eyepeice, and trying it that way. Then if the satellite is bright enough, I
    can watch it pass through the feild of view of the video camera with a 5 ince black and white tv
    used for viewing. Sometines nicer then using my 10*50 binoculars. And more then one person can
    view the passage.
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