Nice Double Flasher!

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 00:15:53 EDT

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    I just I spotted a wild satellite traveling N at the rate that I see most
    LEO satellites at that altitude moving.  It was passing through Cassiopeia
    at 10:35:46 PM local time (3:35:46 UT). It was repeatedly flaring to a -1 or
    so about every 10 seconds. About two - three seconds after each bright flare
    came another flare about 2 magnitudes dimmer. I could not see it between
    flares so it dropped to at least a mag 4 between flashes. I'm hoping that
    somebody can identify it.  I tried myself but have been unsuccessful.  I
    first picked it up under Cygnus. There is was about 30 degrees elevation.
    My location is
    Latitude: 42.473513              42 deg  28' 25"
    Longitude: -92.360413          92 deg  21' 37"
    Meters above sea level: 274
    Date 7-15-03
    Time zone: USA Central Daylight Time, GMT -5
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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