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      1.  What is 'OIG' ?
     - Orbital information group. A nasa web site where you can get the orbital
    elements for unclassified satellite's.
     2.  I see a lot of rows of numbers posted on these messages.  Assuming they
     are orbital elements, why are there 2 different formats, what is the
     difference between them, and what does the information do for me (or anyone
     else reading it), and how do I use that info?
     - Some numbers are orbital elements, while others are people observations
    in a format that software uses to update the orbital data of classfd
    satellites, ie us military.
    3.  What are orbital 'planes'?
    Imagine a peice of paper going through a globe of the earth. The peice of
    paper is the plane of the satellite's orbit.
     4. When you say "52 Globalstar satellites at 52 degrees", what does that
     mean?  Is there a correspondence with the number of satellites and the
     orbits?  Are they all at '52 degrees'?  What is that measured from - the
     ground, azimuth, etc?
    That's the inclination of there orbits. So if it's 52 degrees, then the
    orbit is inclined 52 degrees to the earth's equator.
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