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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 09:29:54 EDT

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    It looks like I will have a clear sky tonight. I have a 28 mm F2.8  lens for
    my low light video camera. It will give a wider feild of view, but reduced
    magnitude limit.
    How bright have people seen tips recently before it became lost , I have a
    pass tommorow morning listed at mag 8.1, within the dection limit of my
    camera. It occurs at 2:24 UTC ( July 9 )  in the area of deneb using mike
    search orbit.
    I hope to soon order my gps time inserter. I have to rig up my short wave
    receiver to get a time signal for tonight. I will then record to my my
    computer. I will at the same time watch in my 10*50 binoculars for it. I can
    then use the video on my computer for refrence.
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