Objects from 2003-015

From: Rui C. Barbosa (rcb@netcabo.pt)
Date: Sun Jul 06 2003 - 12:05:40 EDT

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    I'm preparing my next newsletter and I'm having some difficulty in
    identofying the objects from the 2003-015 launch. This launch was made by a
    8K82K Proton-K booster using an Block DM-2M upper stage. I think that I have
    the right "designations" for the next objects:
    27776 2003-015B Block DM-2M
    27777 2003-015C 8K82K platform (what does this mean "platform"?)
    27778 2003-015D 8K82K aux motor (kick motor from satellite?)
    27779 2003-015E 8K82K aux motor (kick motor from satellite?)
    I can't identify object 27780 2003-015F (OIG says SL-12 R/B (2) but this
    doens't help).
    Any help from the list?
    Rui C. Barbosa
    Braga - Portugal
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