Re: Meteor 3M Rk rocket etc. + Long-range obs

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 07:34:12 EDT

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    > The other night, July 27 0910:20 UTC, I was randomly scanning the NE sky
    > with my 9x63 binoculars. I picked up a very dim, slow-moving satellite,
    > which I (in my inexperience and ignorance of any nearby constellations)
    > estimated to be maybe mag 7-8 or so. The only match I can find with
    > alldat.tle, and FindSat + Virtual Sky (for direction) is GPS 2-17 r2
    > (22277). Its range was about 7500km, H-A mag 9.9, the sky was quite
    > clear (haze-wise) and not light-polluted (but not completely cold
    > either). Could I have seen something this dim and distant?
    I guess you could (I have neither tried nor accidentally found a GPS r2).
    I wish to repeat (stubbornly!) my hint for identifying UNID's : Hold your
    binoculars steady and count (or measure) the time it takes to cross the
    Field-Of-View, and the direction (using the face of a clock or local horizon and
    angle - 12h or 0 degrees up, 3h or 90 degrees to the right - as reference)
    This could also have helped identifying the northbound "double flash" as a
    distant Molniya.
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