Some errors in Heavens Above's prediction on Iridium Flares

From: Shea (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 04:17:58 EDT

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    Hi all,
      Recently, I've found something wrong in Heavens Above's prediction on
    Iridium Flares. My location is Shanghai, China. Latitude is 31.222(N),
    and Longitude is 121.458(E). Yesterday, Heavens Above gave me the
    Iridium Flares prediction: ______________________
    Date: 30 Jul
    Local Time: 19:40:07 (11:40:07 UT)
    Time Intensity ( Mag): -6
    Alt. : 63
    Azimuth: 101 (ESE)
    Distance to flare centre: 6.0 km (E)
    Intensity at flare centre(Mag.) : -8
    Satellite: Iridium 19
    Most of them are right, but the Alt. is wrong. The observation is that
    Alt. is nearly 90. The error is roughly 30, so great! I noted the
    prediction on another Iridium Flare was wrong at Alt. a few days ago,
    and the error was also 30. 
    Here, I wanna know whether somebody else has noted this problem and has
    some solution. Thanks!
    Best wishes!
    Clear Skies!
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