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From: Willie Koorts (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 05:18:11 EDT

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    On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Ed Cannon wrote:
    > Bart -- Thank you very much!
    > Ted -- Thank you very much!
    > Echoes of all of the good things that others have said,
    If I may add my 2 cents as well, I cannot agree more with Ed and others.
    Checking my mail archive, it seems like I started lurking here in Oct 1995
    and finally posted my introduction in July 1996.  However, by that time
    Bart and myself had long off-list discussions ranging from flash-timings
    to Dutch/Afrikaans similarities/differences!  Remember those Bart?
    I must echo the previous statement about the excellent behaviour on this
    list.  If there is one quality of SeeSat-L to which Bart can be proud of,
    it must be the realisation of his dream of a high content, low noise
    mailing list!  I have un-subscribed from numerous mailing lists for two
    main reasons (never found on SeeSat-L) - flame-wars and excessive quoting.
    Glad to see Ted agrees on the latter.
    Thanks again Bart.  And Ted for taking the lead - also for setting the
    goals, we're right behind you.  I particularly like your inclusion of
    beginners - you too Ed.
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