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From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 04:13:41 EDT

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    Ted wrote:
    >I observed the following points:
    >24680 96 072A   2701 G 20020731021657230 17 25 2001558+083058 28 S
    When I started reading SeeSat-L, I had no idea what messages
    like that meant.  They hurt my eyes to look at them.  Well, 
    it's a positional measurement.  For more information on this 
    topic, on the Visual Satellite Observers Home Page, see these 
    items (which are linked there):

    >Observing ... 
    >            ...
    >            Satellite positions. 
    >                  Why measure positions? 
    >                  Preparation. 
    >                  Making actual measurements. 
    Also see this part of the SeeSat-L FAQ:
    The SeeSat-L FAQ sites are here: (HTML) (ASCII - plain text)
    Another type of highly numerical message is a report of a
    tumbling satellite in the Photometric Periods of Artificial
    Satellites (PPAS) format.  That's discussed in the FAQ 
    chapter above, beginning at 7.2.3, and on the SeeSat-L 
    home page under "Observing ... Flashing Satellites", and a
    specific description of the format is here: (Europe) (USA)
    By the way, the PPAS database is up to version 10 now.  If 
    you want information on flashing satellites, you can get a 
    copy of the database here: (Europe) (USA)
    Okay, that's my last message for this morning -- I promise!
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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