From: Ed Cannon (ecannon@mail.utexas.edu)
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 03:21:07 EDT

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    Sky conditions were not good -- limiting magnitude was
    generally about +2 (cirrus haze).  I really did not 
    expect to see an UNID.  But just as I quit watching 
    Topex and released my binoculars I saw an extra star, 
    at least +2, maybe +1, a few degrees west of Vega!  It 
    was going south in a retrograde orbit.  It faded 
    quickly, but I was able to watch it with my binoculars.  
    I went near the zenith, and when I had to rotate, I 
    picked up an object that I think was it; this went not 
    far west of alpha OPH.  Anyway, using Findsat and 
    alldat.tle I got one seemingly fairly good match, 05359, 
    70-025KQ, a fragment of the Thorad Agena that launched 
    Nimbus 4.  HOWEVER, this object's RCS is .008 -- so it 
    seems very unlikely that this is what I saw.  
    Ed Cannon - ecannon@mail.utexas.edu - Austin, Texas, USA
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