[ADMIN] Policy Statement

From: Ted Molczan (molczan@rogers.com)
Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 16:27:15 EDT

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    Purpose and Acceptable Use
    SeeSat-L is intended to facilitate rapid, reliable communications among
    visual satellite observers. Visual observations and CLOSELY related
    subjects remain its sole focus. All else is off-topic.
    I want SeeSat-L to remain the big tent under which our small but diverse
    hobby thrives. This means that we must continue to be accepting of all
    who contribute, regardless of their experience or area of special
    For example, beginners must not be belittled for posting "I saw ISS",
    and experienced observers must not be criticized for posting positional
    observations or photometric flash period observations.
    Effective immediately, observations, orbital elements and discussion of
    objects for which official government-issued elements are not published
    are restored as on-topic. I respect the right of governments to provide
    as much or as little information about their satellites as they see fit,
    subject to applicable international agreements. However, the space
    around Earth belongs to us all, and we have the right to discover what
    is in orbit there, and to freely share our knowledge as we see fit.
    If someone has posted something that you believe is off-topic or that
    you find abusive or offensive, please do not post a response to
    SeeSat-L, but please do e-mail me your concerns, and I will respond as I
    see fit. 
    I am open to suggestions regarding the operation and use of SeeSat-L.
    Please feel free to send me an e-mail, or to start a discussion on
    USESAT-L, Anyone may subscribe by sending a message with the word
    subscribe as the subject, addressed to UseSat-L-request@satobs.org
    Communicate Observations Clearly
    Please state the date and time of your observations, preferably as UTC
    (co-ordinated universal time). If you use local time, please state
    whether or not it is standard or daylight-savings time, and state the
    number of hours ahead or behind UTC. 
    If your observation includes positional information, whether descriptive
    or numeric, please include the co-ordinates of your observing site, or
    at least the geographical name of the place.
    Plain Text Only; No Attachments
    Only plain text messages, without attached files are acceptable on
    Please avoid:
    - excessive quoting when sending responses to SeeSat-L.
    - sig-lines longer than 4 lines.
    - commercial advertisements.
    Clear skies!
    Ted Molczan
    Unsubscribe from SeeSat-L by sending a message with 'unsubscribe'
    in the SUBJECT to SeeSat-L-request@lists.satellite.eu.org

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