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Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 20:33:37 EDT

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    Satellite observation is inherently fast-paced, so hobbyists were early
    adopters of the communications innovations of the past 20 years: fax
    machines, electronic bulletin boards, private computer networks, and The
    Acting on a suggestion by Walter Nissen, Bart De Pontieu created
    SeeSat-L in November 1994. Bart envisioned a low-volume, high signal to
    noise ratio list, focused on all aspects of visual satellite
    SeeSat-L started slowly with a small number of invited participants.
    When Bart was confident of its reliability, he opened it up to anyone
    and everyone, and SeeSat-L quickly became indispensable to our diverse
    hobby. Today it has more than 600 subscribers.
    The ability to easily and accurately predict Iridium flares resulted
    from the co-operation of observers and analysts via SeeSat-L in the
    summer of 1997. Another memorable event was the tracking of the entire
    deployment sequence of the NOSS 2-3 triad during May-June 1996. There
    have been many others.
    The high reliability and convenience we enjoy in SeeSat-L required
    considerable effort at a time when Bart had many other responsibilities.
    He was the editor of FLASH (which he created in 1987), the journal of
    the Belgian Working Group on Satellites. He played a major role in
    organizing the European Satellite Observers Meetings (Eurosom) so that
    satellite observers could come meet in person to share their knowledge.
    And during that time he completed his Ph.D. and moved to California to
    begin his professional career.
    Bart, thank you for your initiative and steadfastness in providing us
    with this excellent forum for the past 8 years. I am honoured that you
    have entrusted SeeSat-L to me, and I will do my best to continue your
    Ted Molczan
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