Re: Flare & ISS

From: Linda (
Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 21:21:58 EDT

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    Thanks for the input on the Unknown Flare. I could be off a little in
    the time and location -- I still have trouble getting it all together
    when I'm enjoying watching the night sights.  I would not think I was a
    minute off, but my watch is about 10 sec. fast.  The flare was indeed
    headed South.  It flared very bright as it was near Vega in the
    constellation Lyra.  How did you come up with the Iridium 98
    information?  I checked H-A and did not get any information.
    All insight and suggestions from any listmate is welcome.  I have
    problems following directions sometimes, but I do want to improve.  I
    plan on working with my students when school starts on Aug. 6th.
    Hopefully, the ISS will still be making visible passes over my location
    in Kentucky.
    Good Viewing,
    Linda R.
    latitude (more exactly)  37.12
    longitude (more exactly) -87.10
    PS  I was just going to send this when I noticed that I had an email.
    Thanks for answering one of my above questions.  I will visit Rob's site
    and see how I fair on finding things.  Thanks, Linda
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