Flare & ISS

From: Linda (jramsey@muhlon.com)
Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 23:07:29 EDT

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    I've been observing sats, flares, and the ISS.  Hopefully, the following
    descriptions are more accurate and helpful.
    According to H-A, there were no Iridium Flares at my locartion scheduled
    for p.m. tonight -- only for tomorrow a.m.  However, I saw a nice flare
    near Lyra.  The descriptive data follows:
    Unknown Flare        20:57:43 CDT  (-5 GMT)
                                   alt. 58 degrees        az. 93 degrees
                                   Mag. -2.5  (3x Vega in Lyra)
    I also observed the ISS.  This was the second night in a row.  It is so
    ISS                             20:52:55    az. 145 degrees
    alt. 58 degrees
                Mag.-2           20:53:14     az. 135 degrees
    alt. 62 degrees
    It was a nice night for viewing.
    Linda R.    37.20,      -87.17:.
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