Bright pass of NOSS 2-1 CDE

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Tue Jul 23 2002 - 00:23:09 EDT

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    I just observed a bright naked eye pass of NOSS 2-1 CDE from my backyard in
    town and in a bright moonlit sky!  It was, much to my surprise easy to
    follow w/o optical aid even into the quadrant of the sky where the moon was
    located. I had also just emerged from the house and was not at all dark
    The overall spread of the three satellites was about 1.5 times wider than
    the short side of the parallelogram of Lyra, which it passed over. When they
    passed Lyra they were arranged in an L shape that stretched out into more of
    a flattened triangle as they moved past my zenith. Quite interesting to
    It was a very nice break from the writing of a boring term paper that I am
    working on. :~)
    Thanks Louis for sending me the details of this great pass!
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