TDF 2 and Intelsat 512

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sun Jul 21 2002 - 06:52:52 EDT

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    Last night just before Mike McCants and I finished a good 
    observing session at the BCRC site, I suggested a quick 
    attempt to see TDF 2 (20705, a flashing geosynch), since it 
    has a short flash period.   With seconds of beginning to 
    look with his 12x80 finder scope, Mike said, "Flash!"  It 
    was doing double flashes which were fairly bright (for its 
    position low in the sky above the city), but they soon 
    faded out.  Here's a PPAS report (but maxima may have been
    90- 63 A 02-07-21 04:39:33   EC  282.1 0.3  13 21.70  +6->inv
    In the past it has flashed as bright as +4, and its flash 
    episodes have lasted as long as 40 minutes and have been 
    approximately 20 to 25 minutes later each night.
    Intelsat 512 (85-087A, 16101) has been easily visible from 
    outside my apartment for each of the last three nights, 
    about 12-13 minutes later, for about five minutes, each 
    night.  Its episodes have been:
    19 July 5:46:11 to 5:51:42 UTC
    20 July 5:59:12 to 6:04:21
    21 July 6:11:29 to 6:16:37
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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