Extra Sats in FOV

From: Jari (finn1@telus.net)
Date: Sun Jul 21 2002 - 03:19:11 EDT

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    I had my first look at NOAA 17 #27453 02032A using my 10x50s. While i was
    tracking it as it approached the cup of the Big Dipper, another, brighter
    and faster sat came into my field of view at 06:11:50 +/-3 sec 21 July UTC
    less than 5 deg above (E) of the lower left star of the cup of Ursa Major
    heading S to NNW. I was able to id that sat as Cosmos 1242 #12154 81008A.
    Then just over 10 min later while i was watching the USA 160 pair, i had
    another sat come into their FOV but going the other way. I decided to
    continue tracking the USA 160 duo and kept a mental note of the other sats
    track and timing since it happened shortly after the USA 160 pair passed
    Alioth. I was able to id that sat as Cosmos 1011 #10917 78053A. I've seen
    multiple sats in the same FOV before but the first time one right after the
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