Intelsat 4A6 Rk

From: Michel Jacquesson (
Date: Sat Jul 20 2002 - 05:04:47 EDT

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    Hello everyone,
    Yesterday , I made an interessant observation of  Intelsat 4A6 Rk (78035B
    10779). First, I counted 50 flashes, and during this observation, I remarked
    that two consecutive flashes had not the same aspect : one was more bright
    and sharp, the other one was smoother, like a flare. It suggested that I was
    counting the HALF period.
    3' 52.84" / 50 = 4.66" * 2 = 9.32" for the whole period
    Then I used my stop watch and I found an asymetrical period : 4.73" between
    the sharp flash and the smoother
    4.58" for the other interval
    But at the end of this second sequence of measures, the two periods were
    less and less different and suddenly (at 22:10 UT), a little flash appeared
    short after the sharp one : F f A F with following intervals :
                                                               F-f = 1.28"
                                                               f-A = 3.35"
                                                               A-F = 4.69"
    which gives again a period of  1.28+3.35+4.69 = 9.32"
    How can be explained this modification of the pattern?  synodic effect?
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