Re: Hunt for unique Iridium flare

From: Denis V. Denissenko (
Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 11:50:07 EDT

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    I have finally printed and scanned the photo of Iridium flare near Alcor
    and Mizar on May 30th, 2002 which was announced on this list.  As I
    thought it was a near miss.  Image is on (click on the picture to
    see 300 dpi close-up of the flare).  Of course twilight sky turned out
    very bright but one can clearly see both stars and how close to Alcor
    satellite was.  My estimate of distance is 2 arcmin (stars are 12 arcmin
    apart from each other).
    Funny: it was the same Iridium 7 satellite which passed between Jupiter
    and Saturn back in August 2000 (that was my first photo from this
    Keep on hunting!
    Denis in Moscow     
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