DARPASAT decayed?

From: NK (i-cosmos@mtu-net.ru)
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 16:24:47 EDT

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    Found a release of interest. It says DARPASAT (1994-017B, 23031,
    USA-102) decayed last May. OIG says that 23031 elsets aren't 
    available but it still counts the bird in orbit. 
    Igor Lissov
    Moscow, Russia
    Ball Aerospace-developed Microsatellite Provided Valuable Defense
    Contribution For More Than Eight Years
    BOULDER, Colo., May 28, 2002 -- DARPASAT, a microsatellite built by
    Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. and launched in 1994, recently
    re-entered the atmosphere after more than eight years in orbit. <...>
    However, the satellite surpassed that goal and passed the 8-year
    milestone in March 2002. <...> 
    DARPASAT re-entered the atmosphere early in May 2002 due solely to 
    orbit decay, or drag due to expanded atmosphere from solar heating.
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