Tracking GEO sats from space.

Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 03:02:21 EDT

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    This is an interesting excerpt from another list.  Can someone confirm that so
    many lost GEO sats have been found?
     Today the only 
    space-based space surveillance system is the DoD's "MSX" Satellite. 
    This was a late 1990s missile defense test satellite and most of its 
    sensors have now failed.  However one small package weighing about 20 
    kg and called the "SBV" sensor is able to search and track satellites 
    in Geosynchronous orbit using visible light.  This has been a 
    phenomenally successful mission having lowered the number of "lost" 
    objects in GEO orbit by over a factor of two.  MSX is not used for 
    imaging asteroids, but a similar sensor could be.  The Canadian Space 
    Agency, in concert with the Canadian Department of National Defense 
    is considering a "microsatellite" experiment with the entire 
    satellite and payload weighing just kg.  This Near-Earth Surveillance 
    System (NESS) would track satellites in GEO orbit, as MSX does today. 
    Jay Respler
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