Re: Flare ?satellite

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 10:17:06 EDT

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    At 19:38 14/07/02, Michael Waterman wrote:
    >Below is a report of a flare, much too slow to be an Iridium.
    >I first thought it might be a Molniya (one Molniya rocket 
    >78095E = catalog 11079 is close),
    >but I do not believe a Molniya could flare this bright.
    >Possibly a secret US satellite?
    >Plymouth is approx 4degW 50.5N.
    >BAA electronic circular No. 00052  
    thanks for posting it Mike. From memory both Molniyas and
    GPS satellites have been known to flare, but only to mag 0 
    or fainter , not mag -5, or -6 as per report. The two trumpet satellites
    were fond because they flared, but the flare wasnt that bright ,
    and the range only 3,000km, not the 40,000 we are talking for a molniya
    orbit apogee at nortern apex. 
    Incidentally I cant get any low mean motion satellite near the observation
    using the position of alp cas using findsat and an alldat.tle
    produced the next day.
    Tony Beresford
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