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From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 06:20:07 EDT

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    I just saw a morning pass of Cosmos 2367 (26040) past my place in NE Iowa,
    USA. It was about as bright as Aldebaran (just as predicted in H-A) and was
    moving relatively fast. I could see it even in bright twilight skies when
    only a very few stars in the East could be seen. It was a few seconds late
    compared to a H-A prediction. Even though it should have passed across my
    entire eastern sky, when it was directly east and about 30 degrees up, I
    looked down at my watch to check the time then when I looked back up, I
    could no longer find it.
    +42.473513, -92.360413
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    Subject: Cosmos 2367 upcoming Decay
    A very bright object, Cosmos 2367 (26040) should be decaying in the next few
    days (somewhere around the 19th via Satevo). This object has a reported
    history of flaring to a -3 at times and could be very bright for the next
    several days while the orbit deteriorates and the satellite gets closer.
    I'd be very much interested in anybody's observations of this object prior
    to decay.  It will be visible over the US for the next few days with passes
    in the 3-5 am time frame and variable as the orbit changes. This object also
    has the possiblity to be viewed in the UK, possibly central Europe, and
    other locations.
    If you are up in the morning and you want to see something fast, low and
    bright over the next several days,  you have a good chance of sighting this
    Current TLE:
    1 26040U 99072A   02193.55682126  .01062644  64319-3  13056-2 0  2921
    2 26040  64.9787 337.0515 0030960 299.3758 134.1261 16.06708434144400
    If anybody else is interested in this object, please contact me, I'd love to
    set up some coordinated observations.
    Daniel Crawford
    Coon Rapids, MN USA
    45.1768N, 93.3097W
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