Observations, Early UT 07-11

From: Jonathan T Wojack (tlj18@juno.com)
Date: Wed Jul 10 2002 - 23:15:46 EDT

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    Saw a member of the NOSS trio.  It was a member of the NOSS 7 trio.  It
    was right at its predicted magnitude of +7.  I could not see the trio
    pattern in my 7x35's, since the first member is leading by 30 seconds,
    and the last member is trailing the middle member by 20 seconds.  I have
    no idea which member I saw.  I am currently trying to see one of those
    famous NOSS triangles (I apologize if the discussion of the NOSS
    satellites is off-topic.).
    I saw the recently-launched NOAA 17 weather satellite.  It appeared right
    on schedule.
    Jonathan Wojack
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