RE: Widely observed historic reentry

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 19:56:39 EDT

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    Richard Clark asked:
    > During the Gulf War an upper stage from a recent Russian 
    > launch reentered, with its track passing over Tel Aviv. 
    > Caused a bit of a stir, but no major retaliation :-)
    > I vaguely recall that it might have been a Progress launch, 
    > or at least related to a payload that was fairly well known 
    > in the West.
    > Does anyone know the identity of this launch, or have the 
    > final TLEs or decay report for the upper stage?
    My archives of the Canadian Space Society BBS reveal that we discussed
    that decay, which occurred on 1991 Jan 18 UTC.
    The Feb 1991 monthly update of the RAE Table of Earth Satellites
    reported that the rocket body of Cosmos 2122 (an ocean reconnaissance
    satellite) decayed at about 22:19 UTC on that date, and that the decay
    was observed from the eastern Mediterranean.
    Its final elset:
    1 21066U 91005B   91 18.84659738  .51482075  36310-4  40930-3 0    55
    2 21066  64.9939 324.6035 0110921  54.8243 307.2708 16.35593683    51
    yields a high elevation pass relative Tel Aviv, at about the time of
    decay reported by the R.A.E.
    Ted Molczan
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